Social Impact


The continuity of our operations is directly linked to our ability to positively impact the environment and all the public with whom we relate – from customers to the community, going through employees, partners, non-governmental entities, public organizations and regulatory bodies.

For us, positive social impact means promoting legal security, defending rights, ethics in relationships and preventing conflicts.

On a daily basis, we do this through the provision of specialized services in Digital Law and Data Protection, in order to guide our audiences in the digital evolution. But we don’t stop there. We also invest in initiatives that encourage the culture of data protection and privacy, information security, business sustainability and, of course, improvement of life quality in the digital age.
Know some of our initiatives.


#iunderstandthereforeiagree is a movement for transparency in privacy notices and terms of use of websites, portals, applications and softwares. We want to help people to understand these legal documents before

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