Civil Liability and Cybercrime

  • Prevention and Repression of Illegal Acts: suggestions for measures against improper access to personal accounts, creation of false profiles, unauthorized sharing of photos and videos, among others;
  • Extrajudicial Operation:
    • Removal of illegal content, rectification, rewriting, response or withdrawal before internet service providers, various users, content platforms and news channels;
    • Complaint of illegal content – offense to honor, misuse of name and image, fake profiles, among others;
    • Preparation of interpellations and notifications – users, companies and providers; and
    • Diverse agreements.
  • Digital Evidence Preservation: intermediation for notarial minutes or issuance of content certificate via blockchain technology;
  • Administrative Operation: request for the granting of authenticity stamps; and
  • Specialized criminal activity: submission of requests for the filling of police investigations, follow-up of investigative cases, promotion, conduct and follow-up of criminal proceedings, etc.
  • Legal (civil, criminal e labor) operation:
    • identification and accountability of perpetrators of cybercrime and fraud
    • injunctive and indemnifying claims for copying and infringement of other rights of protection to the software and in relation to the misuse of name and image, unauthorized use and infringement of intellectual property (trademarks, copyrights, patents, etc.), unauthorized access to social media accounts and emails, abuse of the rights of freedom of expression and the press, expression of thought and unfair competition;
    • actions required to produce evidence, including search and seizure for cloning electronic devices and forensic expertise;
    • among others.
  • Legal advice on incidents: misappropriation of business documents, data and information by employees and third parties in an unauthorized manner; and

  • Legal follow-up of the work of technical assistants and forensic experts: cloning of electronic equipment and preservation of the authenticity and integrity of evidence.

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