Digital Electoral Law

  • Specialized consulting in Digital Law and legal monitoring to identify misuse of bots or individuals and networks acting in fake news in the phenomenon of misinformation;
  • Consulting with guidelines on acts of candidates or pre-candidates in political and election campaigns on the internet, including boosting content before and during the election period;
  • Legal operation in case of misuse of name and image, in the protection of the right to honor and in the face of abuses committed in the use of freedom of expression, freedom of the press and parliamentary immunity;
  • Legal opinions on issues related to Direct Digital, Information Technology, Data Protection and Electoral Law;
  • Digital evidence preservation consulting to prove the existence, authenticity and integrity of illicit content;
  • Preparation of best practice booklets involving Information Security, Data Protection, Digital Law and political campaigns; and
  • Extrajudicial operation: complaints of illegal content, rectification, rewriting, offer of response or withdrawal before internet providers, other users, content platforms and news channels.

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