E-commerce e Marketplaces

  • Analysis of operations: opinions, recommendations and structuring of complex transactions involving the business model;
  • Preparation and review of documents: terms and conditions of use, privacy policies, internal regulations, subscription contracts, information security policies, brochures, among others;
  • Extrajudicial operation: complaint of illegal content, misuse of the company’s name and brand, fraud attempts, among others; preparation of demands and notifications – users, companies and providers; and diverse agreements with sellers;
  • Judicial operation: removal of content that violates the intellectual property rights of the client, identification of anonymous users on the internet, civil, criminal or labor liability; tax, consumer, monitoring, indemnification and inhibitory lawsuits and search and seizure measures;
  • Support in structuring digital marketplaces: explanation of the laws and guidelines applicable in the most varied legal areas – consumer, digital, tax and corporate;
  • Administrative operation: Ministério Público (Public Prosecutor’s Office), IDEC (Institute of Consumer Protection), Senacon (National Consumer Secretariat), CNCP (National Council to Combat Piracy), among others; and
  • Tax Analysis: tax levied on the various commercial operations of the client.

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