• Legal Swot: definition of the legal strengths and weaknesses of the startup through the evaluation of the most relevant and strategic legal aspects;
  • Data Protection/Privacy by Design: legal services of compliance with the LGPD, which may include objective legal analysis of data processing activities related to startup products/services, training, privacy notice, templates, standard procedures guide for cases of security incidents, among others;
  • Startup M&A: legal support in merger and acquisition operations and capital contributions by angel investor or investment funds. It may include due diligence, negotiation support and preparation of corporate documents/acts;
  • Legal Design/Visual Law: Inspired by Design Thinking, we use Legal Design and Visual Law to improve user experience and engagement;
  • Legal Track: legal solutions for monitoring the protection of the brand and reputation of the organization on the web;
  • Legal mentoring: mentoring sessions, face-to-face or remotely, to address the main legal aspects that can impact the startups business; and
  • Legal advice and support in the following areas of Law: corporate, intellectual property, tax, contracts, data protection and digital.

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